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Sensable Things

Sensable Things


Welcome to Sensablethings....

Our core business is to provide technical solutions for art, medical, and photographic applications. We have selected a range of camera and video clamps, Manfrotto flexible arms, Manfrotto fixings, LED camera lights, Manfrotto monopods and tripods.

Flexible & Magic Arms
Clamps and Grips
Fixings & Suction Cups
Tripods & monopods
Tripod Heads
LED Lights

Sensablethings has a good range of flexible arms and super clamps from Manfrotto which are exceptionally well manufactured and suitable for photographic use, engineering solutions or applying technology to wheelchairs, or other surfaces when hands-free use is required.

Senablethings is always increasing the range of Manfrotto lighting support equipment. Friction arms, flexible arms and super clamps are beautifully engineered essential pieces of equipment, and can be used to attach and support cameras, lights, monitors and equipment.

Manfrotto Magic
Arms & Clamps

Avenger Wall fixings

Baby Wall Fixing

Suction Fixing Cups

Suction Fixing Cup

Adapters & Spigots

Adapter Spigot

LED Lights

Clamps and Grips

Mono Tripods

 Tripod Heads

Photographic  Equipment